Many customers feel that customizing container and using containers as part of their project seem daunting. Fear not, as we at CS will happily assist you on your container customization needs.
In today’s blog, we will discuss more on stacking containers. One of the questions that we often receive from our customer is; Can we stack our containers?
The answer is yes you can. Containers are stackable but become less so as materials are removed from the structure to make way for doors or windows. As such, we would have to reinforce the structure as to ensure that not only the container structure is sound but also that it is stackable. The more containers you would like to stack the more reinforcements the containers needed. The load-bearing capacity of a container is located at its corner castings. Hence, if you would want to make a cantilever or an awning on the container structure, it would require some considerable engineering.
So how high can we stack up our container you ask? At the open seas, shipping containers can be stacked up to 9 units. Do take note that there are some things to consider such as the floor load capacity, the load transfer and installation procedures.
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