Famous for its durability, shipping containers have made a name for themselves for the past few years but not for what you think. Gone were the days, shipping containers are used for just shipping, nowadays its usage has expanded to building houses, offices, restaurants, pop-up stores, bar, cabins, and even toilets. There are countless numbers of empty, unused shipping lying around at container depots or port all over the world. Repurposing them is a way to go.

There have been questions in the past on the durability and suitability of these containers for other purposes. Now, if you’re talking about durability, imagine this, a shipping container can be stacked up to 5 stories high at any given time. Look how high these containers are stacked on this container vessel:


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Moreover, did you know that most 20ft shipping container can carry up to 25T? If that is not durable enough, I do not know what is.

Remember when we were little, we would play Lego for hours in a day. Stacking up those colorful blocks, be our own architect or engineer, building towers, and houses or castles? Well, I do, and these containers are just that, blocks where you can stack and extend to your heart's desire (of course according to what our professional engineer advises).

At C S Marine, we are experts at container customization. With years of experience and expertise, we offer customers, unlimited container customization services such as:

Workshop Container

Toilet Container

Dyno Container

Laboratory Container

Accommodation Container

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